Thames Anglican Church

The LINK Project

In 2012 there will be a concerted push to find funding for the LINK building between the original church and the Saint Georges (1872) to complete the 1999 Conservation Plan which saw the 1868 building restored and repiled, the new Church side roofs reclad and protected from leaks and the old vicarage on the front of the Hall removed. But the old vicarage contains toilets, kitchen, meeting room, office and storage. That lot will become part of the purpose-build Link corridor which will contain a commercial kitchen, new office and meeting room, archival space upstairs, modern toilets including wheel-chair access and an 11metre by three metre enclosed walk-way between the two buildings!

After 5 years of sketch drawings we are ready to apply for Resource Consent, we have tentative approve from the Bishop committee and we have $100,000 already for the over half million dollar project!

The Powerpoint detail below shows the eight stages to completion of the project:

Completed LINK Building