Thames Anglican Church

Groups & Organisations


Weekly Bible Study

This is a small group

Selwyn Centre

Funded by the Selwyn Foundation that runs Selwyn Village in Auckland, the local group (one of 40 assisted by the foundation in parishs across the diocese) provides a morning each week of contact and chat for over 65s, many of whom have recently moved to the town; their programme includes (mainly) seated exercise, morning tea and discussion and a variety of game options. All welcome.

Contact: Judy Jones ph: 8690101 / Margaret MacKay ph 8684711

Sanctuary Guild

Saint Georges is visited by more than 5000 people each year. The Sanctuary Guild is responsible for  the decoration and a small part of the care of the fabric as well as cleaning of brass and sanctuary areas. The rostered group of 2 or 3 each time have four turns each year as part of this important hospitality ministry.

Contact: Fiona Harden ph 8681136

Friends of Saint Georges.

This group is a link with the wider Thames Community that seeks to foster and encourage the use and care for this significant Heritage building in our community.

Contact:  The Parish Office ph 07 8686267

In Spire Hosts

This group keep the church open and ‘hosted’ every weekday and Saturday mornings. Their task is a significant one that relates to almost all of the other ministries of the parish in an era when access to church buildings is limited with more locked doors and open one! Each In Spire host is on duty for 4 hours at a time, morning or afternoon. Training is given to the right people engaged in this ministry.

Contact: The Parish Office ph 07 8686267

Saint George's Players

This is the drama group of the parish that mounts a major theatrical production in the church every third or fourth year. The Players have been responsible for some NZ premiere productions and seeks to  (as in the early church’s ‘morality plays’) to provide worth-while dramatic engagements with life-issues relating to our time.


Saint George's Choral

The Saint Georges Choral Group is linked to the parish, yet independent (like the S.Geo Players) and uses the church of Saint George as a venue for a wide variety of Choral productions, including quality workshops in singing. The management group can be contacted through Ms Gill Benton (sec/treasurer ph078686278)

Contact: Gavin Struthers ph 8688924

Interchurch Council and Foodbank

The Interchurch Council organbises joint worship and educational activities amongst the main churches in Thames, as well as being the co-ordinating group of the local foodbank. The Foodbanck is reliant on community financial support, local churches giving in kind, and the Auckland (Anglican) City Mission monthly ‘top-ups’ of food items here and in 70 other locations in the Auckland Province.

Contact: The Parish Office ph 07 8686267

Liturgists & Service Leaders

Counting the lay leaders at Sunday services, readers and intercessors, along with the welcoming and hospitality teams, there are some 30 plus people engaged in leading and welcoming ministries in Saint Georges. If you feel a call to be involved in one of these ministries contact Raewyn or the Vicar.

Contact: The Parish Office ph 07 8686267

Spirited Conversations Group

This is a ‘time to time group’ mainly of up to age 50 something adults wanting to meet in an informal grouping to share faith experiences and story that may well be seen by some as not the traditional experience of faith journey.

Contact: The Parish Office ph 07 8686267

Lawnmowing Roster

Upkeep of the grounds fall mainly to a team of lawnmowers who keep the grounds looking tidy on a roster that gives a fortnight’s oversight every 3-4 months.

Contact: John Mounsey ph 8688482

Music Ministry

Saint Georges have one of the older pipe organs outside main centres that is used regularly for worship services. We have a team of organists who share a roster to accompany Sunday services, play for marriages and funerals and give recitals on occasion. The Thames Music Group also uses Saint Georges as a venue for their regular concerts and recitals and house the Grand Piano in the Church.

Contact:  Lynette Mounsay ph 8688482